Collect Questions for Your Upcoming All Hands Meeting with Votum for Slack

Last quarter was the most exciting for Jeff since founding the company. New projects starting, new partnerships established, 10 new employees, finances looking very promising – there’s a lot to cover at the upcoming quarterly All Hands meeting. Jeff is the CEO, and every quarter he’s doing an hour long session where he looks back and retrospect on the past 3 months, but also presents the future plans and answers all the questions from employees.

So far, Jeff has noticed that the questions mostly come from the same dozen of people. Also, more time upfront to think of what to ask would help get deeper questions and give everyone a fair chance at voicing their concerns. Maybe even the less vocal folks would step up and ask.

Jeff has just discovered Votum, a Slack app that enables him to open a list for suggestions and voting on questions. He’s willing to give it a try for the upcoming All Hands session.

After the app is added to Jeff’s Slack workspace from the Votum website, he’ll create a new Votum list and share it with his team.

Typing /votum in channel #general, opens the Votum menu for that channel.

Jeff realizes that anonymity gives people psychological safety to ask more and tougher questions, so he sets the Transparency field for the list to Anonymous. Nobody, including Jeff, can see who submitted which question, nor how the votes were cast.


Clicking Create, will make a new list and share a message in the current channel (Jeff chose #general) that the new list is available for contributions.

Now all members of the #general channel will see the message and can add their questions by clicking View and Edit button. Having all the questions and votes in, Jeff can easily prioritize by vote count and it’s also clear which issues are the most pressing for employees.

During the All Hands, Jeff will simply open the Web View of the list and have it in a presentable form while addressing the questions one by one.

* * *

To add Votum to your Slack workspace now, go to

For a quick overview of features, use cases and How-to, see