How to Create an Anonymous Poll in Slack

There are numerous reasons for running an anonymous Slack poll. You may want to poll your teammates and avoid biased answers. Or maybe you want to discuss a sensitive topic and you want to solicit honest answers.

Running an anonymous poll in Slack with Votum an easy feat. It takes only a few simple steps.

Step 0 – Have Votum Installed

You’ll need Votum installed in your Slack workspace. It takes a few clicks. To do it now hit the button below:

Add to Slack

Step 1 – Run Votum in a Slack Channel

Type /votum poll in a channel where you wan to create the poll. You’ll get the dialog where you need to enter the poll title and poll choices.

When you’re done just hit Next. And don’t worry if you need more than 5 choices, you’ll be able to add them in the next step.

Step 2 – Set Poll Transparency to Anonymous

When you hit Next in the previous dialog you’ll see the draft poll in the Slack channel. Note that at this step the poll draft is only visible to you, although it is appearing among messages in the channel.

By default a new poll is set to Non-anonymous. To change to Anonymous:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Transparency select Anonymous
  3. Click Save

Step 3 – Share Your Anonymous Poll in the Slack Channel

When you’re done setting up the poll choices and have set the poll transparency option to Anonymous, you’re ready to hit Share in channel.

And that’s it. Congrats, you’ve just created your anonymous Slack poll. Sit back and wait for responses to roll in.