How to Make a Poll in Slack

Polls are a great way to engage your team members and solicit group’s opinion on a pressing topic.

There are countless good reasons to run a Slack poll. Maybe you need to agree on a time for an upcoming meeting. Or you want to pick among several tools to buy for a given task. Maybe you want to pick a location and activities for your next team offsite.

Whatever the reason, there are several options to make a poll in Slack. Your best bet is to use a Slack app such as Votum.

Votum enables you to run quick polls directly in any Slack channel. Once you’ve added Votum to you Slack workspace, all it takes to create a poll is a simple slash command.

Let’s cut to the chase, here the few simple steps to make your first Slack poll.

Step 0

You’ve already installed Votum to your Slack workspace. If you haven’t, you can do so by clicking the button below:

Add to Slack

Step 1 – Run Votum in a Slack Channel

Type /votum poll in a channel where you wan to create the poll. You’ll get the dialog where you need to enter the poll title and poll choices.

When you’re done just hit Next. And don’t worry if you need more than 5 choices, you’ll be able to add them in the next step.

Step 2 – Edit Poll Draft

When you hit Next in the dialog above, you’ll be taken to draft mode. You’ll see the draft of your poll among messages in your current Slack channel.

Don’t worry, at this time the poll is only visible to you. Other channel members will see it only when you’ve published the poll in a Slack channel. More on that later.

At the draft stage you can do several different things to prepare your poll:

  • Make the poll anonymous by setting the Transparency option. More details in How to Create an Anonymous Poll in Slack
  • Allow or disallow multiple votes per person
  • Add more choices or edit the ones you’ve added in Step 1

Step 3 – Looks Good? Share to Channel

This is the final step (it was quick, right?). In order for anyone to see your poll, the final step is to share it in a channel.

To share your poll in the current Slack channel, just hit Share to channel.

Step 4 – Done.

This is what your poll looks like when posted in a Slack channel.

Now you just wait for the responses to start rolling in.