What is Votum?

Votum helps you crowdsource ideas, questions, feedback, etc. all inside Slack.

You start by creating a Votum list and setting its contributor permissions. When ready, you’ll share your new list in a channel and call for contributions.

What is a Votum list?

A Votum list contains items that your teammates can contribute and upvote. An item can be an idea, a question, a proposal of any kind – all depending on your list’s purpose.

You can run as many lists as you want per channel – you may have one list calling for new product ideas, another one for meeting topics for next Friday, and one more for all hands questions.

Where do I start?

To begin just type /votum in a channel where you want to run a crowdsourcing list. You’ll see all Votum lists created previously in that channel, and will be able to create new ones.


What are the different settings for a Votum list?

Voting enabled – perhaps you want to run a vote once you’ve collected all the contributions. Or you don’t need the voting function at all. Then just set it to disabled.

Who can add items – you can lock item contribution if you want your teammates to vote for preset list, or you want to end item contribution at some point.

Transparency¬†– in order to avoid biased voting, by default item contributors are not displayed (but are visible to the list owner). You can set this to public so anyone can see who added which item. Alternatively, you can set this to anonymous, so that nobody (even the list owner) can’t see contributor names. Once set to anonymous, you can’t change to another setting.


How do I share a Votum list with my teammates?

Once you’ve created a list you’ll need to let others know about it. By clicking¬†Share in a channel you’ll get a dialog where you can choose a conversation in which to share the list and add an appropriate message that lets folks know why you’re sharing the list and what they need to do.